The Nutshell Festival: Mission

Every artist is responsible for creating new work.
Every artist is entitled to a forum.

The Nutshell embraces the fact that art and its surroundings are changing at a rapid rate. The Nutshell is committed to that ever-changing face of art and to its audiences. We at Nutshell target new work, document it for distribution into society, and provide performance and exhibit opportunities for up-and-coming artists and the production of new plays will be at the heart of the Nutshell Festival’s mission.

No art form can exist alone in the new century.

With this as the central tenet of our productions, we will combine as many disciplines as possible in a single production. It will take many voices to move society, those voices need to be filled with rebellion as well as emotion. Our objective is to give the opportunity that new voices deserve…. The opportunity is to be heard. The forum that we provide promotes activity between artistic disciplines, which are so often kept apart from and alienated from each other. As a result, a new format will emerge that allows contemporaries of different mediums to influence and collaborate with one another.

Why do someone else’s works?

With respect to the work that has come before ours, we are more concerned with the work that has not yet been done. This group is born out of a need for a forum. We look to be a center for new voices in artistic society. We hope to become a leader in the exhibition of new work. We are exploiters of the future and archaeologists of the next hour. We are driving towards what is next and away from what has been. We are not interested in the archaic notion of what theatre should be. We will play a role in the creation of new ideals for new art.