The Nutshell Festival: Schedule & Contacts

For Ticket and theatre information please call:
Manhattan Theatre Source at 212-501-4751
For any questions, information or to get involved with
The Nutshell Festival, please e-mail:

The Nutshell Producers:
Michael DeMeo
Liza Garcia
Yevgeniy Dekhtyar
SHOW Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
TIME 1/2, 2001 1/3, 2001 1/4, 2001 1/5, 2001 1/6, 2001
3PM Matinee         Program A
5PM Matinee         Program B
7PM Show         Program A
8PM Show Program A Program B Program A Program B  
9PM Show         Program B
All music performances to begin at 7PM on the evenings of 8PM Shows
The Programs:
Program A:
"Love: A Boy, A Girl and a Dog"
"Lust: A Man, A Woman and a Cat"
"Do You Take This Man?"
"Life: Grandma, Grandpa and a Car"

Program B:
"Muriel’s Birthday"
"You’re a Good Man, Chris Columbus"
"The Last John Doe"
"Dorothy and Alice"